0xAA - Random notes on security

Personal CyberAngel

We all know how frustrating account theft could be. Just imagine - you read the news about yesterday’s successful attack on some service with full database dump published on Pastebin, and you suddenly notice that your e-mail is listed there too… What if the news are one week/month/year old, and you didn’t change your password since registration?


With free Personal CyberAngel service you can minimize the risks - notifications about any mentions of your e-mail/Twitter account on Pastebin-like websites and hacker forums will be immediately sent to you, so you could take prompt actions and save a lot of your time recovering access to it. As a good angel, this one is constantly working and self-improving - list of leak sources is updated regularly with short breaks for coffee and blessings.

All my Twitter followers get account subscription automatically - a private direct message will be sent should any reference to your account be published. In case you would like to monitor your e-mail address too, or make any suggestions, just let me know privately. Stay safe!